My Reflections On Why So Many of Us are Not Wealthy

Anyone who reflects of social issues tends to end up finding himself or herself having to reflect about matters to do with poverty and wealth. This is because the role that money plays in the modern society is a very critical role: a role that you definitely can’t afford to ignore. One of the issues that one finds himself or herself reflecting on is the one as to why so many of us are not wealthy. This too, is an issue that I have personally reflected upon, leading to a number of conclusions.

I have noted that one critical reason as to why so many of us are not wealthy is because we lack the ambition. Many of us simply don’t have it as one of our goals to ever be wealthy. All we desire are simple things like a good car, a good house and a modest pension when we retire. Many of us, of course, ‘wish’ to have some wealth. But so long as that is just a mental wish, and it is not backed by any physical effort, then it doesn’t qualify to be termed as being real ambition.

Another critical reason as to why many of us are not wealthy, I have concluded, is because those of us who have the ambition often lack access to the more lucrative factors of production. Indeed, when you come to think of it, you realize that the only factor of production most of us have to offer is labor. And it so happens that labor is the one factor of production that is overabundant: and hence it is the factor of production whose value is pitifully low. It is indeed for this reason that we have a huge population of working poor people. In a state like Georgia, you find such working poor going to a social services website like whose canonical address is actually that of, where they try their luck in applying for food stamps. On the other hand, people with access to the more lucrative factors of production such as land, capital and management tend to be wealthier. Indeed, one just needs to have access to those other factors of production, and a good brain combined with just a bit of ambition, to become wealthy.

Yet another critical reason as to why many of us are not wealthy, as per my conclusions, is because we lack the connections necessary to make us wealthy. Some people want to deny that connections matter, but we know otherwise. To be sure, in many cases, connections don’t make someone rich: but they do open access to factors of production (like affordable loans, lucrative jobs and training opportunities) that in turn open the doors to one becoming wealthy.

Reflections On What Qualifies to be Termed as a Good Education

Most parents express it as their most innate desire to have their kids receive a good education. But then, a question is posed as to what actually qualifies to be termed as being a good education. Knowing what qualifies to be termed as a good education is important: because you need to know what goes into the making of such a good education, for you to be in a position to procure it for your kids. So we will attempt to answer the question as to what qualifies to be termed as a good education: though we won’t pretend that our answers are comprehensive enough.

Firstly, many of us will agree that a good education is that which enables one to earn a living without too much of a struggle. A good education is one that ultimately shows the learner how interdependent we are in the society, and how everyone has to provide useful services or goods in order to keep the social wheel rolling smoothly. In contrast, a poor education is one that leads the learner to view work as drudgery, or as some sort of punishment to be avoided at all costs.

Secondly, a good education is one that enables the learner to co-exist well with others in the society: this is something that most people will agree with. The idea is to make the recipient of the education be well adjusted, regardless of where he or she may end up. Thus, for instance, due to circumstances beyond his control, the learner may later on find himself or herself in a correctional facility. That would be a facility wherein he or she can only communicate with the outside world through the Corrlinks prison email system. The said prison email system is accessible once one goes through the entire login process successfully. Even in such circumstances of incarceration, it is expected that the person who had the benefit of a good education would still be a well-adjusted person: a person capable of benefiting from the entire rehabilitative experience.

Thirdly, a good education is one that enables the learner to develop a love for learning: setting him or her up for lifelong learning.

Fourthly, a good education is one that develops the critical thinking faculties of the learner. This can be a potentially controversial aspect of the entire discussion: as there are people who would prefer to have learners who are unquestioningly obedient, as opposed to learners who are capable of critical thinking.